Revive your Batteries – Revive your Profits

Looking for a new revenue stream or to save money on new battery purchases? The latest technology in lead-acid battery restoration could provide the answer. The Xtender Regenerator offers an easy, user-friendly interface for programing the machine to regenerate all types of lead-acid batteries, including but not limited to AGM, gel, traction, semi-traction, flooded, motive, … Continue reading Revive your Batteries – Revive your Profits

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FSIP At The Battery Show

FSIP exhibited for the first time at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, MI this month. The Battery Show offered us the perfect opportunity to debut our Xtender Lead-acid Battery Regenerator and our Xcell “Wireless” BMS. We also promoted our new remanufacturing and distribution alliance with SPE Elettronica Industriale. … Continue reading FSIP At The Battery Show