Why do motor controllers fail?

Since FSIP is in the business of remanufacturing controllers which have failed, we have seen it all. There are many reasons for why your controller may fail…some are avoidable, and some are not. Here is a list of common causes for controller failure.
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Component Failure
Controls contain hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny components, each of which plays a part in the controller’s operation. These components may be mosfets, diodes, resistors or IC’s among others. A manufacturer’s defect on just one of these tiny components can lead to failure of the entire controller. Many of them are manufactured for a life expectancy of a certain number of cycles, and when their time is up, the controller’s life cycle may come to an end as well.

External Input Failure
Your motor controller may have a dozen or more inputs connected to it, such as speed sensors or digital and analog inputs. Failure of any one of those inputs can often cause failure for the entire controller as well.

Liquid Intrusion
…or more simply put, the controller gets wet. It is commonly known that electronics and moisture are a poor mix, one that will easily cause your controller to stop working.

Improper Cooling Design & Mounting
Controllers suffer and fail under high heat conditions. Omitting thermal compound during installation, or improper mounting can cause temperatures to rise and controllers to fail. Often cycling a controller between hot and cold environments can also cause an early demise.

Prolonged vibration during normal vehicle use can cause components to shake loose, or fracture and interrupt normal controller function or result in failure.

Abuse & Improper Usage
Using your vehicle or motor control improperly can lead to an early demise for your motor controller. Examples of such abuse include driving the vehicle in a way that is unintended by the manufacturer, prolonged motor stall conditions, and improper installation of the controller. All of these things can and should be avoided to get the longest possible lifespan out of your controller.

If you are experiencing a controller failure, let FSIP help! Simply ship the controller to us, and include this form with your shipment to expedite the process. We will fully remanufacture your control and ship it back to you with a comprehensive one year warranty, or call to speak to an FSIP representative! 1-800-333-1194
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New Zapi 16 Handset!

ONE handset will work on 16 different trucks from manufacturers such as Hyster, Yale, Crown, Linde & more!

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Golf Car Motor Webinar

FSIP hosted a webinar about our Performance Golf Cart Motors on June 23rd, 2016. Here is a recording for anyone who missed it!

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Xtender Battery Restoration Technology

Check out this short video to learn more about the Xtender Battery Regenerator!

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SMARTUP Battery Monitor

Batteries can be one of the largest expenditures for businesses with electric vehicles designed to keep the operations moving. Wouldn’t it be great to understand how the batteries are being used each day, to see if there are opportunities to train the users? Wouldn’t it be great if you should show them factual data about what is happening inside of the battery every time they only partially charge it, or charge it too long? Doesn’t that sound like a smart investment?

With over 45 years of experience with electric vehicles, FSIP has seen firsthand how important battery monitoring and maintenance can be. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the SMARTUP battery monitoring device.
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This easy-to-install device measures, analyzes and stores voltage, current and amp hours. The information is easily sent to the SMARTVIEW program though a USB port, which allows the user to view the charge & discharge cycles of the battery.

With samples taken every 6 minutes by default and customizable options like operating current threshold, anti-opportunity charging alarms and undercharge alerts, the SMARTUP is a smart way to save money on battery purchases.

The SMARTUP is also available with optional probes to measure temperature and/or electrolyte levels. More information and spec sheets can be found here on our battery restoration website.

Call today for a quote! 1-800-333-1194

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Golf Cart Conversion Kit Webinar

FSIP hosted a webinar about our golf cart conversion kits on April 1st, 2016. Here is a recording for anyone who missed it.

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Manufacturing Services from FSIP

FSIP's Blog

For more than 45 years, Flight Systems Industrial Products has excelled in designing and manufacturing custom products. Beginning with aircraft and runway strobe lights in 1968, we expanded into solid state controls for forklifts and other battery powered vehicles by the mid-seventies. Our capabilities continued to expand through the years to include gauges, services tools and newer technology controls for forklifts that allowed the replacement of outdated electrical systems. A partnership with General Electric in the early nineties allowed us to manufacture their lower volume items and ultimately to acquire that division of their business in 2010.

Today, FSIP is located in a 42,000 square foot facility in Central Pennsylvania with an expansion project underway that will add 15,000 square feet to our facility by late 2015. We employee more than 120 individuals including sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists. FSIP is able to offer a wide variety of manufacturing services…

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Golf Cart Conversion Kits

If you work on enough golf carts over time you realize that every golf cart is different from the last one you worked on. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find parts for the odd ball carts you come across, such as aftermarket controllers. After hearing requests for many different controllers over the years, we have developed conversion kits that take you from an old, obsolete, foreign and hard to find controller to a brand new popular Curtis or GE controller. Our conversion kits come with all the necessary harnesses and installation instructions to make the transfer easy and painless.
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Fairplay Carts have used a few different controllers in the past that have been hard to find, and when we did get units in house we could not remanufacture them. Our engineers developed a few separate conversions using Curtis controllers to replace Kinetek KCCA0004 and KCCA0038 controllers used in Fairplay Carts. We also found the need to develop a conversion for the Logisystems controllers found in Stealth vehicles because of the high demand. A few of the older golf cart controller system components have gone obsolete such as the Club Car Regen 1 and the Yamaha G8/G9 Carts. We offer stock conversions as well as upgraded conversions with additional amps for both of those. Recently, we have found the need to create a conversion for the Bombardier vehicles which used a Curtis controller that is no longer made. In the past few years, Yamaha used a fully potted controller in their YDRE carts called a Moric Controller. There is epoxy inside this controller which makes it impossible to disassemble and repair. We have developed two conversions using GE and Curtis Controllers to upgrade your vehicles to 300 or 500 amps.

If you have a golf cart with a series motor and you want to change the controller, or the cart does not have a controller in it, we have a solution! We manufacture the adjustable GE Star controller which is compatible with most series carts. Just provide the make & model of your cart, voltage & amperage, the accelerator type and your regen braking & high pedal disable preferences; and we’ll provide a custom solution for you!

Give us a call for a quote on a golf cart conversion kit! 1-800-333-1194

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FSIP’s General Electronic Repair Program

Do you have an electronic part in need of repair? Is it not in our remanufacturing program? Don’t know where to send it?

Send it to us! Our NEW General Electronic Repair Program can help!

You are probably asking yourself, “What’s the difference between the products that FSIP remanufactures, and the products in their General Repair Program?” Let us explain…

FSIP remanufactures over 8,000 different part numbers. Our remanufactured products are reverse engineered through development of complete schematics and BOMs (bill of materials). Then, unique testing equipment is custom designed and built for each part. We have strict procedures with each of these 8,000+ parts, so that we can analyze the failure, upgrade the software & hardware, and fully test all functions of these products.

Every day FSIP receives requests to repair products that are not in our remanufacturing program. Because we do everything we can to help our customers, we assign a group of engineers to evaluate and begin point-to-point testing and diagnosing the repair of these parts. Keep in mind, they are working without schematics, and with each part they need to identify  the inputs, outputs and failed component(s). This cannot be done with visual inspection alone, and often testing of each individual component on the PCB board is required.
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We make these repairs easy!

Simply complete the General Repair Form from our website and include it with your product shipment. A standard evaluation fee  is assessed, and then we quote you the cost of repair. Once you have approved your quote, your part will be repaired within 2 to 3 business days and returned to you with a 90 day warranty. We also offer an expedited option for more time sensitive repairs.

How you can help…

When we receive your shipment, we will likely have some questions about the part. If it is a component of a vehicle or machine, we may ask you to provide the make, model and serial number of the machine. It is also important for us to know about the failures you are experiencing. This information helps our engineers to better diagnose the failed components of the part. In addition, any time you can provide us with a parts or service manual, it may enable our engineers to provide quicker evaluation and repair service. Information about the volume and failure rate of the part may help us to determine whether it should be added to our remanufacturing program as well.
Here are some examples of products that are currently serviced through our General Repair Program:

  • Power Supplies/Inverters/Converters
  • Encoders
  • Light Curtains
  • Amplifiers
  • Heat Controllers
  • Timers
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • CNC Controls
  • Industrial Controls/PLCs
  • Load Banks
  • Dischargers
  • Bar Code Readers, Scanners & Printers
  • Servo Drives
  • Telecommunications
  • Temperature Controls
  • Monitors
  • and More!

Visit our website or give us a call today! 1-800-530-5438

* We do not repair household electronics.

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Forklift Conversion Kits

Like the continual improvement of personal computer technology, the control system in your electric vehicle also becomes outdated over time. Manufacturers often change control system technology to keep up with the times. New features and refinements are added, continually making efficiency, performance, reliability, and ease of use advancements.

Eventually, there will be a point where the control system of your vehicle becomes so antiquated it will seem that purchasing a new forklift is a necessity, but is it really? Since not much has changed mechanically in the last 10-15 years, what you are really getting for your money is a new motor control system.

It’s now possible to replace the entire electronic control system in your late model forklift with today’s modern technology. This will save you the cost of buying a brand new vehicle, while delivering the modern day performance you need.

Before and after images showing an FSIP conversion kit installed in an Elwell-Parker L15 platform truck. Here you see the EVT1000 controller replacing an outdated GE EV1 control system. H&K Equipment Company Pittsburgh, PA, Forklift, Conversion, upgrade controller, EV1 to newer, replace old GE control, controller upgrade, new control panel, replace control with new, EV1 to EV100, upgrade electronics forklift, new controller forklift, controller kit, replacement controller, old control with new, upgrade forklift, kit replace forklift, GE to Curtis, reman forklift kit, drop in control kit, upgraded control system, upgraded motor controller, motor controller replacement, new motor controller, replace motor controller with upgraded

Before and after images showing an FSIP conversion kit installed in an Elwell-Parker L15 platform truck. Here you see the EVT1000 controller replacing an outdated GE EV1 control system.

H&K Equipment Company
Pittsburgh, PA

FSIP specializes in providing complete drop-in ready replacement kits, custom tailored to your unique application. Our trained customer service staff will take the time to learn what features would be most desirable for you, and deliver all the components required for a complete and easy makeover.

Call us today to learn more about our conversion kits for any application!

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