Use the links below to easily find what you are looking for.

FSIP’s Website – for products & services, customer service, technical support and more.

Xtender Battery Regenerator – The Xtender restores and extends the lifespan of lead acid batteries.

FSIP’s Manufacturing Services – box build Assembly, coil windings, metal machining, wire harnesses and more.

Technical Support Forum – search for help or post your own question.

General Electronic Repair – for items not included in our remanufacturing program.

Warranty Information – information about FSIP’s warranty and return policy.

Online Store – check out to buy online from FSIP.

Training Classes – Information about technician training from FSIP.

Meet FSIP’s team – management, customer service, tech support and more.

Jobs at FSIP – see career opportunities at FSIP.

FAQs – Frequently asked technical questions.

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