S.P.E. Chargers



Looking for a reliable, high-frequency charger to offer? Flight Systems Industrial Products offers rival chargers, aggressive pricing, and next-day shipping. S.P.E. chargers have success in a variety of markets including material handling, mining, golf car, go-kart, sweeper-scrubber and more.

S.P.E. is a family-owned company and has become a leader in the industrial battery charger field. With 48 years of experience, S.P.E. is able to deliver cutting-edge, reliable chargers that are affordable to both OE and aftermarket industries.

FSIP is proud to be the exclusive distributor for S.P.E. products in North America. With our 50+ years of experience, extensive remanufacturing capabilities and thorough customer service staff, we are your one-stop shop for battery chargers of all sizes without the hassle.

S.P.E. chargers are highly efficient and fully programmable via the display with preloaded charge profiles. They have success in the lithium market – a quick battery make/model is all we need to keep you moving!

What’s the benefit of a modular charger, you ask? With energy being equally distributed across all modules, if one fails the others will pick up the slack! FSIP remanufactures ALL common industrial charger modules at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


  • Green6: 24-48V @ 150A max, three phase 208/480Vac, 3 module-type charger, fully programmable to voltage, current and battery curve.
  • Green4 (UL): 24-48V @120A max, single phase 208-240Vac, ordered to specific voltage, but field programmable to current and battery curve.
  • Green2 (UL): 24-48V @70A max, single phase 115Vac, ordered to specific voltage, but field programmable to current and battery curve.
  • ChargePlus: 12-48V @30A max, 120Vac, fully programmable to voltage, current and battery curve. It’s an outboard industrial charger that can be used in equipment such as aerial lifts, scissor lifts, sweeper-scrubbers, golf cars, etc.

About fsip

FSIP provides new and remanufactured electronic products found on electric and gas powered vehicles. We also provide manufacturing services for OEM legacy type products to help limit the potential for product obsolescence. Some of the many platforms we service include industrial trucks, golf carts, scrubber-sweepers, mining cars/locomotives, electric boats, go-karts and ground support equipment.
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