Using a Curtis Handset with your Golf Cart

How often do you spend hours diagnosing issues on your electric vehicle? Luckily there is a device that can help you save time on Curtis controllers. The Curtis 1313K-3301 handset has the capability of monitoring vehicles performance, and it reads the control to find out why the vehicle is not running, or if it is just not performing the way you know it should be.
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The 1313k handset has amazing features which will make having one of these around your shop a very good idea. They were designed to be user friendly with a bright color LCD display, with a simple layout to navigate through screens efficiently. The handset is newer technology and will not work on the following older models – 1203, 1203A, 1204, 1204X, 1205, 1205X, 1206, 1206SX, 1206MX, 1208, 1208C, 1209, 1209B, 1213, 1221, 1221B, 1221C, 1231, 1231C, 1513. These controls were designed without monitoring capabilities from the OEM.
Curtis, Curtis handset, Curtis programmer, Curtis handheld programmer, Curtis 1313, 1311, 1313K, program curtis controller, curtiis instruments

Above is an image of the main menu on the handset. The two main screens used for trouble shooting are Monitor and Diagnostics. The Parameters screen will show you the programming on the control. Every control has different access levels. The 1313K-3301 handset is set up to view user, service, and dealer level parameters. The programming menu will allow you to clone settings from one control to another as long as the version and model numbers match. The System Info screen will show all of the basic information on the control such as model number, serial number, hardware version and manufacturer date code.

The Monitor screen is very helpful to check the output of the controller. There are a few key features to look at, including the accelerator. It should go from 0-100 when you press down on the pedal. If you are not receiving that reading, the calibration from the control to the throttle is off and most likely you have an issue with the throttle and changes will be needed. The forward/reverse readings are important as well. When you select a direction, let’s say forward, the forward input should be on and the reverse input should be off. Both inputs should not be on or off at the same time when a direction is selected. If they are you may have issues with connections in the harness, or the sonic welds are not solid. You can identify issues with the motor if the arm current and field current levels are not reading correctly. When you hit the accelerator, you should see the arm current go from 0 to between 100 and 150, and the field current should go from 0 to between 5 and 10. If you are getting any numbers that are vastly different for those two outputs, then you may have a faulty motor. Battery voltage is also very important as it can help you identify a weak or bad battery pack. If the battery voltage dips below the rated voltage of the batteries, it means they are not charged or you have bad batteries or a bad connection. The heat sink temperature feature is important to monitor the temperature of the control and to make sure the control is not overheating. The last key feature to monitor is the speed input. The speed should be in MPH or KPH. If the speed on the handset is not representing the speed of the cart, then there is an issue reading the speed sensor (TACH) on the motor or the control is not calibrated to the vehicle. Examples of this would be if the gear box is changed, tire size increased or if motor tach combo was upgraded.

The diagnostic feature on the handset is probably the most important feature. It allows to check for fault codes to access a situation quickly and efficiently. Below is an example of codes you may see.
Curtis, Curtis handset, Curtis programmer, Curtis handheld programmer, Curtis 1313, 1311, 1313K, program curtis controller, curtiis instruments

The handset will plug directly to most Curtis controls, through the square four pin port, with a Molex Connector. If you have an E-Z-GO or Club Car golf cart you can also purchase the handset adapter to plug the handset into the dash, or under the seat of the cart.
Curtis, Curtis handset, Curtis programmer, Curtis handheld programmer, Curtis 1313, 1311, 1313K, program curtis controller, curtis instruments, connectors, cable, molex, club car, ezgo, e-z-go, ez-go,

The 1313K-3301 handset is a great tool to help any shop, whether big or small, to diagnosis and attack issues with confidence.  Call today to order! 1-800-333-1194

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