The GE LX Handset…your questions answered.

The GE Handset is a multi-functional tool to be used with the LX, ZX, and SX Series GE solid-state controls. This handset will allow authorized personnel to perform many functions on GE motor controllers such as assisting in troubleshooting, adjusting controller features, and identifying vehicles being improperly used. This device has become a “must have” in every forklift technician’s toolbox, as without one it would be impossible to make controller parameter setting adjustments. Often upon installing new or remanufactured replacement controllers they must be programmed to your exact vehicle upon installation, or no functionality could be observed. In both of the above cases the GE LX handset is the correct tool to use in order to preform vital job functions.

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For those interested in how exactly the GE LX handset accomplishes all of this, allow me to elaborate. The handset is composed of three main features: a display; a keypad; and an adjustment potentiometer. The display is the main communication device, it is used to signal faults and upon making adjustments showing what function is being accessed. The keypad is used when selecting which particular parameter you would like to adjust, and the potentiometer adjusts the exact value once you have selected a function. All three of these components work in conjunction to allow easy use, making adjustments and reading controller error codes hassle free.

One operational quirk that some of you may have discovered during use is; when operating a vehicle while the handset is left connected, and a -93 fault code is encountered or top speed is not attained by rotating the adjustment potentiometer fully clockwise and recycling the vehicle key switch the -93 fault will be cleared, and top speed can now be attained. For those of you familiar with using the GE LX handset that one probably made you smile, yeah we’ve scratched our heads at that one a few times ourselves…

To order your GE LX Handset, call today to speak with our friendly customer service team! 1-800-333-1194

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FSIP provides new and remanufactured electronic products found on electric and gas powered vehicles. We also provide manufacturing services for OEM legacy type products to help limit the potential for product obsolescence. Some of the many platforms we service include industrial trucks, golf carts, scrubber-sweepers, mining cars/locomotives, electric boats, go-karts and ground support equipment.
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