Training Classes For Forklift Technicians

Want your employees to learn more about how Electric Vehicle systems work? Or obtain a better understanding of AC Transistorized controls? Just sign them up for one or both of our annual service school classes!
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“What will my technicians get for the money” you may ask….well we are here to fill you in on that information. FSIP holds a 3 day Basic Service School. Technicians will learn how to troubleshoot common problems seen in the field and set up Electric Vehicle controls. They will also receive first-hand knowledge of how Electric Vehicle systems operate. The class will cover : Basic Electronics, Motor Control Theory, Panel Components, GE & Curtis troubleshooting.

We also hold a 2 day AC Service School. This class is designed to give your technician a better understanding of AC Transistorized controls found on Electric Vehicles. They will learn: Magnetism & Contactor operation, Motor operation-Series wound, Separately Excited and AC, Operation & troubleshooting of Danaher, AC, Curtis AC & Zapi Dual Motor AC systems. We do recommend that technicians attending this class have some prior knowledge of basic electric circuits and components found on electric vehicles.
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Students will receive a certificate of completion and a tour of our facility where they can see what happens to the controls they send in for remanufacture. They will also receive a “goodie” bag to bring back with them and make them the envy of the shop!

Our classes are held at the Comfort Suites in beautiful Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Sign up for both class and you will also receive a discount! More info is available here, or you can contact our Customer Service Manager to enroll today!

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About fsip

FSIP provides new and remanufactured electronic products found on electric and gas powered vehicles. We also provide manufacturing services for OEM legacy type products to help limit the potential for product obsolescence. Some of the many platforms we service include industrial trucks, golf carts, scrubber-sweepers, mining cars/locomotives, electric boats, go-karts and ground support equipment.
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