Golf Car Need A Boost?



You’re going for a drive in your golf car. Out of nowhere, a storm starts rolling in. You want to get back to the garage before you get soaked, but it’s pretty far away. You stomp the pedal to the floor and hope that you can beat the rain.


Your speed increases a tiny amount. It’s not enough. You can see the rain rapidly approaching. You’re going to get wet (not the shoes!). You’re wishing there was some way you could go faster…

Make your wish come true.

A Navitas DC/AC Conversion Kit from FSIP will get you where you need to go. These highly efficient systems have everything you need to increase your speed, torque, and run times. Not to mention they’re easy to install.

How easy? So easy we can explain it in 12 minutes. Click here. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Now that your conversion kit is installed and programmed, flash back to the storm rolling in… You stomp the pedal. This time – your tires start spinning. Gravel kicks up behind you. The golf car launches forward. You grab the steering wheel with both hands. Your speed is rapidly accelerating. All of the trees along the lane start to look like a smudged painting.

The rain is still catching up. You’re halfway to the garage. You crank the speed dial on the On-The-Fly Programmer all the way up. The trees are now a solid wall of green. Your eyes are watering from the wind in your face. The speedometer on the Navitas app says XX (it says a real number, but we let you determine max speed during programming).

Now, you’re almost to the garage. You take your foot off the pedal. The regenerative breaking slows you down the perfect amount so that you coast smoothly into your parking spot before coming to a stop. You made it. You arrive completely dry. The shoes are safe.

Feeling impressed and grateful – You pick up your phone, open the Navitas app and lock your vehicle with the press of a button. Nobody is stealing that sweet ride of yours.

Beat the storm with Navitas Conversion Kits.

*These kits are great for outrunning other aspects of nature too including – but not limited to – bees and geese.



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S.P.E. Chargers



Looking for a reliable, high-frequency charger to offer? Flight Systems Industrial Products offers rival chargers, aggressive pricing, and next-day shipping. S.P.E. chargers have success in a variety of markets including material handling, mining, golf car, go-kart, sweeper-scrubber and more.

S.P.E. is a family-owned company and has become a leader in the industrial battery charger field. With 48 years of experience, S.P.E. is able to deliver cutting-edge, reliable chargers that are affordable to both OE and aftermarket industries.

FSIP is proud to be the exclusive distributor for S.P.E. products in North America. With our 50+ years of experience, extensive remanufacturing capabilities and thorough customer service staff, we are your one-stop shop for battery chargers of all sizes without the hassle.

S.P.E. chargers are highly efficient and fully programmable via the display with preloaded charge profiles. They have success in the lithium market – a quick battery make/model is all we need to keep you moving!

What’s the benefit of a modular charger, you ask? With energy being equally distributed across all modules, if one fails the others will pick up the slack! FSIP remanufactures ALL common industrial charger modules at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


  • Green6: 24-48V @ 150A max, three phase 208/480Vac, 3 module-type charger, fully programmable to voltage, current and battery curve.
  • Green4 (UL): 24-48V @120A max, single phase 208-240Vac, ordered to specific voltage, but field programmable to current and battery curve.
  • Green2 (UL): 24-48V @70A max, single phase 115Vac, ordered to specific voltage, but field programmable to current and battery curve.
  • ChargePlus: 12-48V @30A max, 120Vac, fully programmable to voltage, current and battery curve. It’s an outboard industrial charger that can be used in equipment such as aerial lifts, scissor lifts, sweeper-scrubbers, golf cars, etc.
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Smart Discharger & Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Kit



How often have you needed to load test a battery for your customer at the end of the day and realize you’ll have to wait until tomorrow?  It’s true… sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. Once tomorrow comes, you better make sure to start the load test in the morning because for the next 4-6 hours you’re stuck in the shop adjusting discharge currents and manually checking individual cell voltages each hour. At the end, you’re sitting there with a load test chart full of handwritten voltages. Now, you’re trying to decipher your chicken scratch to present to a customer. This is a situation that spans the country affecting everyone from the smallest single-man operation to some of the largest multi-state dealerships around.

No one will ever deny that manually discharging your battery and using a voltmeter to check individual cell voltages will accomplish the main goal of determining your battery’s runtime and identifying bad cells.

My question to you is this: Wouldn’t it be nicer to plug in a few values, hit start and have everything else done for you?

Implementing the Smart Discharger and BMS Kit into your load testing process will do just that. The Smart Discharger has the ability to discharge to a set voltage, time or amp hour limit at a constant current of up to 200A regardless of voltage drop. At the same time, the BMS records individual cell voltages every 3 minutes throughout the entire discharge.

It’s 4 p.m. and you promised your customer that you’d update them on their battery’s condition first thing tomorrow morning… no worries, the Smart Discharger does not clock out at 5 p.m. Utilizing the Integrated Monitor software, you can not only remotely monitor the battery but also control the Smart Discharger and BMS throughout the process. With multiple personally branded report styles, you can confidently provide your customer with an easy-to-read analysis of their battery’s condition.

Let the Smart Discharger and BMS System work for you, and the only question you’ll be asking is why you didn’t use this sooner.


-Ben Richwine

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Core Purchasing


Clean up to get some green!

Winter blues got you down? Looking forward to spring around the corner? Well – it’s the perfect time to clean out your old controllers and get some green!

FSIP pays cash for cores! If you have old cores lying around that you no longer need, let us know. We may want to buy them! We can pay you cash or apply a credit to your existing account.

Visit our website to learn more about the Core Purchase Program:

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Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is designed to provide accurate data collection on the health of individual battery cells. Here is Sales Specialist Ben Richwine with more info…

More info here:

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Battery Maintenance Catalog

Just out…our NEW Battery Maintenance Catalog! FSIP offers a variety of battery maintenance products including the Xtender Battery Regenerator, Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS), Smart Discharger and more.

Click below…


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ChargePlus Universal Battery Charger

The ChargePlus is the ultimate solution for charging a variety of vehicles and equipment! This portable, high frequency charger is available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt models and can be programmed for lead-acid, gel or AGM batteries. Call to order or shop online!

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Sulfation: Archenemy of Lead-acid Batteries

Wouldn’t it be great to have a battery last for the life of the equipment it is used on? And wouldn’t it be great not having the inconvenience of a golf cart that won’t make it through a round of golf, or a forklift that can’t work through an entire shift without recharging? The financial burden of replacing batteries can be lowered, if you understand the main cause for battery failure…sulfation.

Battery, battery life, extend, prolong, restore battery, regenerate battery, revive, battery restoration, Xtender. Extender. fsip, charge, discharge, sufate, desulfate

Sulfation is the formation of sulfate crystals on the surface of the battery’s lead plates. As more and more crystals form on these plates and either the active lead material or sulfate from the electrolyte is no longer available the battery is considered discharged. The battery must then be recharged to reverse this process and return the sulfate back to the electrolyte. Sounds simple enough, right? The problem is, not all of the sulfation crystals are reversed back into the electrolyte. Repeatedly failing to completely reverse the formation of sulfation crystals will ultimately cause your capacity or “run time” to diminish.


Battery Sulfation Over Time

So how can you address this constant internal battle between your battery and its archenemy, sulfation? Consider some of the factors that led to sulfation winning this battle…

Inactivity: The longer that battery sits in a discharged state, the harder the crystals will become and less sulfation will be reversed during its next charge cycle. Get that discharged battery charging asap!

Electrolyte Level: With the addition of tools like the Remote Battery Water Monitor, knowing when to water your batteries is becoming much easier. When the battery’s plates are exposed to air, sulfation will occur immediately. Water your batteries!

Opportunity Charging: Failing to get a proper discharge or full charge will lead to sulfation issues. Plugging in for 30 minutes at a time just to get a little extra run time in the middle of a shift will cause problems down the road. Let the charger complete its job!


While sulfation will always cause trouble for your battery’s capacity, you now have the ability to put sulfation back in its place by utilizing the Xtender Battery Regenerator. Through an entirely electronic and labor free process, the Xtender is able to dissolve the sulfation crystals that have formed from years of buildup on your battery’s lead plates. The Xtender will reverse the sulfation process and increase the capacity of your once declining battery and increase its service life. Visit to learn more, or contact us to schedule a demo at your facility!

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Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner

FSIP is excited to announce a new addition to the product line up…the Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner! This compact, portable machine delivers powerful cleaning and sanitizing performance in an easy to use package, making it the perfect tool for any shop. Its low pressure/high heat dry steam system uses significantly less water than a traditional steam cleaner, which is ideal when cleaning in or around sensitive electronics, or dangerous chemicals such as battery acid.

Steam cleaner Vapor cleaner Dry steam Battery cleaner Degreaser Portable steam cleaner Portable vapor cleaner High pressure washer High pressure cleaner Industrial cleaner Industrial Steam Cleaner Industrial Vapor Cleaner

The Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner weighs less than 60 pounds and operates from a 110v outlet. Simply add tap water and the machine produces dry vapor steam with an adjustable pressure of 0-90 PSI, and an output temperature of 290°F, which will easily remove dirt, grease, and grime from any surface. A specially formulated cleaning solution is included with the machine, which boosts cleaning power for especially tough jobs.

The Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner Features…

  • A 1.3 gallon refillable water tank
  • A separate tank for chemical solutions
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Multiple cleaning attachments including
    steel, copper & nylon brushes

Watch the video below to see how easily and safely the Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner removes dirt and grime from batteries…

Having proper and efficient tools can make any cleaning chore much easier, especially if it can translate to additional revenue when reselling used equipment and batteries. If your shop could benefit from a versatile dry steam cleaner with ease of use and portability, give us a call today. 1-800-333-1194, or shop our online store at

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DisChargePlus Battery Discharger

FSIP has recently launched a new addition to our battery maintenance and golf cart accessories product line! The DisChargePlus battery tester is the perfect solution for your golf cart battery discharging needs.


Battery energy is measured in minutes, obtained upon discharging a fully charged battery set. This standard is used by all major battery manufacturers of deep cycle marine, golf cart, or floor scrubber type batteries. The DisChargePlus places a 25, 56 or 75 amp resistive load until a shut-off voltage of 1.75 volts per cell is reached. If the shut off voltage is not reached in a maximum of 400 minutes, the discharger will time out and shut off.

Designed to offer an economical choice for measuring the  time that 36 or 48 volt battery packs can run on a single charge…the DisChargePlus is also designed to store up to 14 discharge cycles. The LCD screen on the DisChargePlus shows the run time, minimum voltage and actual voltage.

If you’re looking to add battery capacity testing to your business, you can purchase DisChargePlus today via our online store.


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